Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Flowers and Gospel Blessings

This lovely young lady finally got permission from
her Mom to be baptized. Elder Smith got to baptize her
before he got transferred. She is wonderful! Her mom even
came to her baptism.
A few changes to Santa Cruz Zone. Always sad to say
goodbye, but always excited to welcome new ones. We
have two brand new missionaries, an ASL Elder, our
singing Elder from New Zealand, and a new Senior Couple.

Meet the Hanbergs from Altamont, Utah. They have already
dug in, and are hard at work.

Elder Murray & Elder Valencia asked if we could help
them get an investigator to the temple. No problem!
We are prayerful for a baptismal date soon for Samantha.

We had another wonderful senior activity day, but ended
up at the Vegetarian House. What, where's the beef?
Actually, it wasn't to bad.

Callas everywhere! They were beautiful!

Todd & Gail Brown treated us to a lovely lunch, and trip to
their office. Todd and his family are the largest Calla Bulb
growers in the world. It was amazing!

Matt & Kathryn McDougall invited us to be their escorts
for their first trip to the temple. We were honored!
They will go back soon to have their 2 daughters seal-
ed to them.
Phil & Irma Emory. Phil was baptized on April 25th. Irma
had joined about 4 years ago. Now they sit together at church,
united in the gospel and in their love for the Lord. How blessed
we are to know this wonderful couple! How thankful we are
to the Lord for this glorious opportunity to serve Him! The
worth of a soul is truly great in the sight of the Lord!

An eternal friendship.

Strawberry fields as far as you can see. Watsonville produces
the biggest and best. Did you know that you shouldn't put your
strawberries in the frig after you have bought them at the store?
They lose their flavor faster.

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  1. Yay, for a new blog post. Love the pic of Todd and his Callas. Wish I could have seen that when I was there. Looks like you have been very busy. What a wonderful mission to be apart of. Miss and Love you!